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How to Blow Dry Hair
A lot of women ask about the best way to blow dry the hair to get the most out of what is a pretty basic styling technique.
How to Blow-dry an Angled Bob
How to blow-dry a bob with a long front and a shorter neck section. Tutorial for styling with face framing curving hair or straight styling with a flat iron.
How to Blow-dry a Long Bob with Volume
Styling instructions showing how to blow dry a long bob and create volume while doing it.
How to Blow-dry a Short Bob
This tutorial shows you exactly how to blow dry the classic short bob into the timeless style that the short bob was initially created for. This hairstyle is sleek and flawless.
How to Blow-dry a Short Inverted Bob
Styling instructions showing how to blow dry a short inverted (angled) bob and create volume while doing it.
How To Create a Faux Bob
Many women with long hair often think of going for a shorter bob cut, but realize that it is a big commitment to cut one's hair. Here's a little trick to let you create the look of a short bob style without losing any length.
How to Crimp Hair
Unlike curling irons and flat irons, the crimping iron was designed to add a wave to the hair, much like the effect of braiding the hair while damp and setting the wave by allowing it to dry while braided.
How to Imitate Celebrity Looks
Learn how to cut and style your hair to imitate the look of your favorite celebrity.
How to Get Straight Hair without Using a Flat Iron
Using the well-known blow dryer and round brush technique is the best way to straighten one's hair. Not only is the heat significantly less but it also takes less time!
How to Get the Balmain Beach Look
Beach waves are super trendy and an effortless and timeless look for long hair. Now it is easy to create beach waves with Texturizing Salt Spray by Balmain.
How to Style Beach Curls for an Angled Bob
Tutorial showing how to style beach curls for an inverted bob. A beautiful hairstyle for prom, the beach or graduation.
How to Style Beach Waves for a Long Bob
Styling instructions explaining how to create beach waves on a long bob.
How to Style the Hair of a Bedridden Individual
Although the styling of the hair is something that is most frequently done, and it is the simplest as far as preparation and precautions are concerned, styling can take on many variants and different advance preparation depending on the tools you choose to use.
How to Tie a Scarf
How to tie scarves and use them as a hair accessory. The basic scarf folds that can be applied to a number of uses as accessories.
How to Use Gel
Hair gel is great for a wide variety of hair types and style needs.
How to Wrap a Perm
Wrapping technique and guidelines for a body wave.
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