Interlocking Combs

Interlocking combs
Hair accessories can be found in an almost limitless variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and forms. Even those designed to serve similar purposes can be so varied as to seem unrelated. Interlocking combs are one such accessory.
There are banana combs and butterfly combs which are both interlocking combs featuring hinged ends and fasteners to hold them closed. Then there are the standard interlocking combs which hold the hair secure due to the way in which the teeth fit between one another.
Standard interlocking combs generally come in pairs, and are called such because they feature rows of teeth that are slightly offset from the teeth on the matching comb. When fitted together, the teeth slide snugly together and will hold together without clasps or closures. When placed in the hair, the additional bulk of the hair creates a secure hold for the style being created.
This is a big change from older-style hair combs which can sometimes be troublesome to use, especially when they are used in straighter hair types.
How interlocking combs work
For Styling:
Such combs are great for women with long hair who want to secure the hair away from the face without using potentially damaging ponytail elastics, annoying hairpins, or unattractive banana clips. Like all comb accessories, interlocking combs work especially well with wavy and curly hair types.
However, the interlocking combs work much better with straight and fine hair types than their predecessors, which tend to slip loose and fall out the longer they are worn. They usually have to be "repositioned" several times a day.
Hair styling with interlock combs
Interlocking combs can be found in many different sizes, making it easy to find the right size for your hair thickness and head size. They can be used to create a long cascade of hair down the center of the head, to secure an up-do, or anchor other accessories in place such as floral sprays and bridal veils.
Hairpieces and Wigs:
They work so well, in fact, that most wig and hairpiece makers now use them almost exclusively to secure the hairpieces in place on the head. The interlocking combs are sewn into the base of the hairpiece, enabling the wearer to attach any hairpiece and feel that it is securely in place.
Many women with shorter hair use these types of hairpieces to create the illusion of much longer hair for special occasions. And because the combs slide in between the hairs and lock to one another, they can be used in making integration hairpieces and wigs for women with thin hair to give them a fuller-looking head of hair.
Jeweled interlocking comb
Photo: Chengyuzheng/Getty Images via Canva
Styles and Designs:
Interlocking combs can be found in styles to suit virtually any situation. Basic, plastic, fashion-color comb sets can be found for under $3 (USD). You can find sets made in clear acrylic and translucent acrylic tones to match any hair color, allowing them to be nearly invisible once in place.
There are fashion comb sets in gold, silver, and copper metallic finishes, as well as those made with ornamental designs in precious metals, which are obviously more expensive. I've seen some sets that were circular in design – to be used in the crown area of the head – with rhinestones or pearls set along the spine, creating a jeweled circlet effect when used to secure an up-do or long curly hair in a fall. The effect was stunning.
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