How to Blow-dry a Short Inverted Bob

  • Inverted bob after blow-drying
  • Side profile of an angled bob
  • Back view of an angled bob after styling

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1. What you will need: Clips and combs, Hair dryer, Flat iron, Blow dry brushes, Styling products.
2. Note that we are working with wet, freshly washed hair. As this is a short hairstyle, it is always important to wash the hair prior to styling it. Short hair tends to get oily very quickly, as the cuticle only has to distribute the sebum/hair oil along a short length of hair.
Comb the hair backwards, away from the model’s face. Apply a heat-protection product, as well as a blow-dry lotion to smooth out the hair and add shine and movement.
  • Tools to blow dry a bob
  • Wet hair before blow-drying
  • Clip hair sections out of the way

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3. Blow dry the hair until it is about 80% dry all over the model’s head. Concentrate on the longer hair on top of the head, as this is the area which will need most attention. Draw a middle parting with the back end of your tail-comb; from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the ridge of the occipital bone.
Intersect this parting with a parting spanning from behind the one ear, running along the ridge of the occipital bone, to behind the other ear. You’ll now have two sections at the front of the model’s head, which will be filled with the longest hair of this style. Clip these two sections securely with clips to keep it out of the way.
4. Use your fingertips and hands while blow drying the hair. The airflow of the hair dryer should be directly above the model’s head, thus blowing in the natural direction of the hair cuticles, and in effect blowing the cuticles closed and as smooth as possible. This ensures minimal heat damage to the hair, as well as a smooth and shiny end-product.
Be careful not to burn the scalp of the model, as the hair in this region is very short, and offers little protection to the scalp from the hot air generated by the hair dryer.
  • Blow-dry the hair smooth
  • Blow-drying hair
  • Blow-dry for a bob
  • Blow-drying with the help of hair clips

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5. When you’re satisfied that the hair is completely dry and looks good, you will move to the side of the model’s head. Release the hair from its clip and gently comb it out to get rid of any kinks or knots. Then use the sharp end of your tail comb and draw a two-inch horizontal parting.
Clip the rest of the hair securely with the clips so that it is conveniently out of the way. Use your round medium barrel brush and your hair dryer to blow dry this section as straight and smooth as possible. Be careful not to burn the model on her ears or in the facial region.
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