How To Create a Faux Bob

Hair before and after creating a fake bob
Photos: Dreamstime
Many women with long hair often think of getting a short bob cut, but realize that it is a big commitment to cut their hair. And sometimes, they may not really want to make that commitment, but just want to make a change for a little while. Perhaps they’d like to sport a shorter style for a party, or want to play a harmless prank on a partner who loves longer hair. Whatever the reason, sometimes shorter is desirable.
So, here’s a little trick to let you create the look of a short bob style without losing any length. It's called a "faux bob" (fake bob) and is fairly simple, though it may take just a little bit of time and patience while you get the hang of the technique involved.
The following technique works especially well on long hair cut in a blunt style, but layered hair can be accommodated. It simply needs some additional treatment to imitate the look of shorter hair. This technique is also very suited to straight hair types, though wavy and moderately curly hair can be incorporated, though very curly hair will need to be straightened in order to make this technique easier to manage.
What You Will Need:
Here’s a list of the things you’ll want to have to make creating this style as easy as possible:
• Brush
• Tail comb
• Flat iron
• Smoothing serum/Protective product
• Clips
• Bobby pins (lots of them)
• Ponytail elastic
• Curling iron
• Volumizing/Styling product
How to create a faux bob
To Begin:
You need to start with clean, dry hair. If the hair has just been washed or is very fine in texture, you may want to use a volumizing product or styling product to add some fullness or give it some grip.
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