How To Tie A Scarf

Woman who is wearing a head band scarf
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Wearing scarves can seem like a challenging task. Many women think that scarves are hard to work with and simply equate to just throwing one around your neck and tying it into a loose knot. The fact is that scarves can be a versatile accessory that is both practical and decorative.
There are some basic scarf folds that can be applied to various uses as accessories. Let’s take a look at a few of the basics and see how they can be employed.
The Linear Fold:
This linear fold is useful with either a square or rectangular scarf, creating a highly versatile accessory. The technique for performing a linear fold is simple and, as its name suggests, it follows the lines of the edges of your scarf.
To create the fold, start with the scarf laid flat on a surface and bring two opposing sides together to meet in the center of the scarf. If you're folding a rectangular scarf, it's usually best to bring the two longer sides together. Smoothly crease these folds. Continue folding the edges inward to the center until you have narrowed the scarf to your desired width or to suit the purpose you have in mind.
Uses for Linear Fold Scarves:
Among the uses for the linear fold are some that can be very versatile. You can take a scarf folded in this manner and tie it into a knot around the neck, allowing the ends to hang loosely as a simple accessory. Use a square scarf for a shorter look or a rectangular scarf for a longer one, adding a touch of drama to a simple suit.
How to tie a linear fold scarf
Linear folded scarf - How to fold it
Another idea is to take a linear fold scarf and wrap it around the neck until the ends are shortened, then tie a knot at the throat and tuck the remaining ends over and under. This is a great pairing with a dress shirt and adds a nice pop of color and interest to an otherwise simple suit or outfit.
The linear fold scarf also serves as a fantastic hair accessory. You can take the folded scarf and tie it around the forehead as a headband, around the head like an Alice band, or bring the ends up from below and tie a decorative bow using the scarf ends. Alternatively, you can use the linear fold scarf to wrap around a ponytail and add a splash of color. This method also helps make the ponytail appear thicker and fuller.
The Triangle/Kerchief Fold:
Another way to work with a square scarf is to use the triangle/kerchief fold. It is also a highly versatile method and can be used in various ways. If anything, folding a triangle/kerchief fold is even simpler than the linear fold. It's certainly quicker.
How to tie a scarf with the kerchief or traingle fold
Simply take your scarf and lay it flat, then bring two opposing corners together to create a triangle, hence the name. Once you have made a crease at the fold, take the folded edge and turn it over the top of the triangle to form a border approximately one inch wide along the folded edge. This will provide some added structure to the edge as you explore different uses for the scarf.
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