How to get the Balmain Beach Look

How apply salt spray and scrunch long hair
Beach waves are super trendy and an effortless and timeless look for long hair. They are the favorite of celebrities, fashionistas, and many others.
Now it is easy to create beach waves with Texturizing Salt Spray by Balmain.
What you will need:
• Texturizing Salt Spray
• Balmain Straightener/Curler
• Luxury Care Volume Line
Balmain hair straightener
Balmain salt spray, shampoo and conditioner
How to create the beautiful loose curls:
Use the Volume Line of the Balmain Paris Hair Couture for Luxury Care collection when you wash your hair. The Volume Line creates voluminous and full-bodied hair. Spray Texturizing Salt Spray by Balmain Paris on damp hair to create a casual look. Blow dry your hair loosely and scrunch it.
How to create looser curls with a styling iron
Create looser curls using a styling iron, such as the Balmain Straightener/Curler. Pull your fingers through your hair to create volume. Finish it off with more spray.
Photos: Balmain Paris
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