How to Style Beach Curls for an Angled Bob

  • Angled bob with beach curls
  • Bob with beach curls - Side view
  • Tools to create a bob with beach curls

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1. What you will need:
a. Clips
b. Hairspray and a heat-protection product
c. Flat-iron or curling iron
d. Combs
2. Comb the hair of the model to the back of her head. Note that we’re using dry hair. When creating curls, it is easier to work with hair that has been washed to day before. The follicle of the hair distributes a thin layer of sebum along the shaft of the hair.
This thin layer makes it easier for you to work with the curls, as the hair tend to stick to each other to a limited extent, making it easier to create the curls and improving the structure of the curl.
3. Use the sharp end of your tail-comb and draw out a section above the ear which is about two inches thick. Clip up the rest of the hair on top of the head in order for you to be able to work without being inhibited by hair being in your working space.
  • Comb the hair to the back
  • Draw out a hair section above the ear
  • Create curls that face away from the face
  • Angled bob with curls

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4. Ask your model to fold over the tips of her ears end pressing it flat with the tips of her fingers. This will help you to avoid burning the model’s ears. Most injuries concerning heat-technique appliances happen in the salon and at home due to mishandling the appliance near the client’s face, neck, scalp or ears. It is this very important that you take care when working in these areas.
Use your flat-iron or curling tong to create curls that face away from the model’s face. The curls should be even and uniform, so give attention to your technique and handling manner. Once you have completed the whole row, spray the curls with a medium- to strong hold hairspray.
5. Draw out the next section of two-inch hair, and repeat the above process. Once you have moved further away from the model’s ear, she may release it. Note that the curls are styled away from the model’s face. This enhances the aesthetical beauty and balance of the curls, especially in the end when the style is completed.
Have a look at the way that the stylists style the Victoria secret models’ hair, and you’ll see that the curls always curl away from the face, creating an almost convex shaped wave to frame their face.
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