Straight Hair without Using a Flat Iron

Straighten hair without a flat iron
The fact of the matter is… damage is consistently being done to our hair, for most, on a daily basis. Essentially, there are two types of damage, environmental and chemical. The sun, brushing hair when it’s wet and hot tools would fall under the environmental category, while chlorine, hair color and bleach would be classified as chemical damage. Obviously one jeopardizes the integrity of their hair whenever they use beauty tools such as hair color, bleach or hot tools but the flat iron happens to be the most damaging of all.
Flat irons can heat up to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit; that is hot enough to cook meat with! Our hair, whether it be color or style, is oftentimes what people notice first about us so it behooves one to keep hair as intact and as healthy as possible. With all of the damage to hair that is done while we are busy just living day to day life, it makes sense to avoid the damage where and when we can. At the top of the list would include forgoing a straightening iron as often as we can.
In essence, the use of a flat iron has more long term downfalls then short term benefits. Over time, especially when one forgets to use a heat protectant, the use of a straightening iron can cause the hair to become brittle and dry. It will actually break the hair all the way up the hair shaft (not just split ends) creating a frizzy appearance which is really the opposite style that people who use flat irons desire. Flat iron use can also rob the hair of shine leaving the hair to look frail and dull.

Using the well-known blow dryer and round brush technique is the best way to straighten one’s hair. Not only is the heat significantly less (400 degrees vs 130 degrees) but it also takes less time! Yes, you read that correctly. One of the biggest complaints about using this technique is that people think it takes more time. That just isn’t so.
For example, the hair has to be dry anyway before it can be straightened with a traditional flat iron and should be at least 80% dry when using a wet to dry flat iron. Knowing how damaging the flat iron is, why would anyone blow dry their hair and then subject it to the 400 degree temps of the flat iron? Also, the hair needs to be thoroughly brushed before it can be flat ironed so one might as well brush it as it is being dried into a straight hair style, right?
Let us talk about what tools are needed to achieve this lovely, healthy and yet, easy hair style. One will need a blow dryer, round brush and heat protectant. Optional root boosting spray and shine spray.
Blow Dryer:
The blow dryer is the most important hair styling tool you will ever own. If it is an effective, high quality dryer it can replace a curling and flat iron! We recommend the Featherweight Luxe 2i made by T3. It maximizes concentration of ions in airflow, cancels static and seals the cuticle, helping hair retain natural moisture. Make sure you have a director or concentrator on the end of your blow dryer, which is of utmost importance.
Round Brush:
For long hair you want to go with a larger barrel brush. We applaud the 3 inch Marilyn round brush. One can create luxurious volume and body with this 100% natural boar bristle brush.
Heat Protectant:
It is wise to use a heat protectant any time one uses a hot tool for styling. We praise Redken’s Smooth Lock Heat Glide, protective smoother. It forms a heat-protective barrier on hair and provides a 92% reduction of frizz for 48 hours. Plus it smells divine!
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