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Advice & Ideas for Hairstyles (3)

Hairstyles to Look Younger
One of the most common questions a hair stylist gets from clients is: "What's the best hairstyle for an older woman, to help her look younger?"
Hairstyle Tips for Eyeglass Wearers
Eyeglasses can completely change the look and balance of your facial features, which makes choosing a hairstyle that works with the eyeglasses style you wear an important decision.
Hair Tips for Working Moms
There are ways to minimize the stress and still keep your good looks, so lean back and maybe pick up one or the other idea and inspiration.
How realistic are you about your hair?
The reason why salon customers become dissatisfied with their stylist usually falls into two categories: the client has unrealistic expectations or the stylist has limited ability or doesn"t educate the client.
How to Choose a New Hair Salon
The preparations you should make and what to look for when you are shopping around for a new stylist or salon.
How to Deal with a Bad Haircut
How do you tactfully deal with a bad hair cut? Real life answers.
How to Find Your Best Hair Length
Are you getting ready to make an appointment in the salon to get a haircut? How do you know what length will look best on you?
How to Get a Good Haircut
A very experienced professional hair stylist gives tips on how to get a good haircut.
How to Grow out Your Bangs
You most probably ended up entangled in the notoriously love-hate relationship with your freshly cut bangs. Tricks to help you along the road of growing out your bangs.
How to Make Short Hair Feminine
Short hair styles do not have to look masculine. With a few tricks and accessories they are feminine, sexy and even glamorous.
How to Match Hairstyles and Glasses
Many women ask which hairstyles look best with their glasses. To find the right spectacle shape and color for your face and to match your haircut as well, just follow some simple rules.
How to Treat Fine Hair
Hair that is very fine can be just as challenging as extremely coarse or thick hair. To make it look best we need to understand how it reacts to different cuts and treatments.
Inverted Triangle Faces and Suitable Styles
We need a style that is going to offer some volume and/or width at the lower area of the face, while offering style elements to either camouflage or balance the other features.
Long Hair Road Hazards
A subsidiary of an auto insurance company released a report that discussed the findings of an independent research study on the issue of long hair and car drivers
Matching Your Hairstyle to Your Body Type
Some common body types and the dos and don'ts for them.
Matching Your Hairstyle to Your Outfit
If you don't coordinate your entire look, it doesn't matter what you're going for because it simply won't work.
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