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How To Make Short Hair Feminine

Short hair has the reputation for being practical and sporty. Many women chose a short hairstyle to keep their styling time down, stay cooler and just because it feels light and good. With all of their advantages, short hairstyles do not have to look masculine. With a few tricks and accessories they are feminine, sexy and even glamorous.
Short hair comes in many shapes and types. You'll find anything from rebellious spikes to sleek and slick coolness and even grandmother curls. All ages can find a perfect short haircut and get to enjoy the freedom it brings with it.
It is all in the Cut
The best short haircuts that exude a feminine aura often have different lengths. Shorter sides keep things neat, but longer hair on top leaves room to create different styles and to add fullness. With this you can experiment with looks that are tousled or have ironed in waves. Pixies are perfect if you want a look that is sensual, but that can be styled with your fingers and just a touch of product.
With a bit more length all around, try a face framing style that has fine layers and a lot of texture. The hair can be curved into the face and wispy strands all over are just an adorable look that was made famous by Meg Ryan. Hair that looks touchable and slightly disheveled is always hot.
  • bob with cheek long sides
  • low maintenance short haircut
  • feminine pixie
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But you don't have to walk on the wild side. There are many classic looks that are as feminine as anything can be and besides that they are timeless, ageless and elegant. Can you see yourself with a short bob hairstyle, for example? This ├╝ber-classic still puts the finesse on women's heads and there are many versions of it. Wear it with a blunt edge and at chin length, with a fringe and curved points or textured and with much movement. It is always a flattering and feminine short haircut that is sophisticated but also does not lack when it comes to easy maintenance.
An indication of sideburns might appear to be a more masculine element, but when they are shaped right, they bring attention to your cheekbones and also create a harmonious line around your entire face together with a beautiful fringe.
There is only one cut that is challenging if you want to keep a feminine appearance. The one length all around buzz. If you want to use clippers, then use them only to accentuate certain areas or get a sexy graduated neck.
Color does the Trick
If you want to spice up your short hairdo, go for the color and do not be shy. It is the bold colors that will put the sassy in your short tresses. Platinum blonde, red or jet black are powerful colors with a feminine vibe and since the hair is short you don't have to worry so much about re-coloring or potential damage. You will cut it often enough for the hair to remain healthy.
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