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How to Match Hairstyles and Glasses

Are your eyes giving you trouble and you joined the large group of people who have to wear glasses? Are you worried about what glasses will do to your looks? Cheer up! They can be a very attractive and even sexy accessory if you pick the right ones! Glasses are not the end of being cool and stylish. It is quite the opposite if you make the right choices.
blonde lady wearing glasses Many women ask which hairstyles look best with their glasses. Even though there are some rules of thumb concerning this, the key is to match the frame to your face, just as the perfect hairstyle is matched to the shape of your face. In addition the color of your skin and of your hair are very important factors to consider when picking the color of your new glasses.
To find the right spectacle shape and color for your face and to match your haircut as well, just follow some simple rules and keep in mind – it’s all about balance. You can find everything about the best haircuts for your face shape in this article.
Round Faces
If your face is about as long as wide with curvy lines you have a round face. You want to add some distinction and lengthening elements. Glasses should be as edgy as you can find them! Angular shapes that are rectangular or have another defined geometric shape are great to make your face appear more slender. Make sure that they are wider than high to achieve this effect.
Absolutely avoid: round shapes, “John Lennon Style” glasses, square glasses and pilot shaped glasses.
Square Faces
Your face has an about equal width and height, but a strong jaw line and angular corners. To soften it up you can choose among the plethora of beautiful round shapes, oval shapes and even drop shaped glasses. Any shape with a soft and curvy focus will be flattering.
Avoid: angled and rectangular shapes with strong, distinct lines.
Oval Faces
If your face is longer than wide and has rounded contours then you are one of the lucky ones who can wear about anything and look great. It is all up to you and your good taste.
Heart shaped or Triangular Faces
Chanel glasses With a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones and a narrow jaw line / chin area, your face is heart shaped. When picking the best pair of glasses for this shape, make sure that they are not “top heavy” with much decoration or thickness on the top part of the frame as this would emphasize the forehead even more. Find glasses that are rounded, butterfly shaped, cats-eye shaped or wider on the bottom than on top. Low sitting glasses balance the wide and narrow part of this face shape.
Choosing the Right Color for Your Glasses
There are different approaches to this topic and it all depends on your personality, your taste preferences and your attitude towards fashion. Since frames are not cheap you should choose one that is not too eccentric and neutral enough to match most of your outfits and your personal style.
A good choice of color that is elegant and subtle is close to your haircolor. For blondes that can mean a golden color, yellowish tones, light and transparent frames. Redheads might find their solution with a copper tones frame, tortoise shell designs, or any red toned acrylic or metal frames. There are just as many choices for frame colors for brown and black hair.
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