How to Match Hairstyles and Glasses

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Are your eyes giving you trouble, and have you joined the large group of people who need to wear glasses? Are you worried about how glasses will affect your appearance? Cheer up! They can be a very attractive and alluring accessory if you pick the right ones. Glasses are not the end of being cool and stylish; it's quite the opposite if you make the right choices.
Many women ask which eyeglasses look best with their hairstyles. Even though there are some rules of thumb concerning this, the key is to match the frame to your face, just as the perfect hairstyle is matched to the shape of your face. Additionally, the color of your skin and hair are important factors to consider when choosing the color of your new glasses.
To find the right spectacle shape and color for your face and to match your haircut, just follow some simple rules and remember – it’s all about balance. You can learn everything about the best glasses for your face shape in this article.
Round Faces
If your face is about as wide as it is long with curved lines, you have a round face. To add some distinguishing and lengthening elements, choose glasses that are as edgy as you can find! Angular shapes, such as rectangular or other defined geometric shapes, are great for making your face appear more slender. Ensure that they are wider than they are tall to achieve this effect.
Absolutely avoid: round shapes, "John Lennon-style" glasses, square glasses, and aviator-style glasses.
Square Faces
If your face has approximately equal width and height with a strong jawline and angular corners, you can soften these features by choosing from a wide variety of beautiful round, oval, and teardrop-shaped glasses. Any shape with a soft and curvy focus will be flattering.
Avoid: angled and rectangular shapes with strong, distinct lines.
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Oval Faces
If your face is longer than it is wide and has rounded contours, you are one of the lucky ones who can wear almost any style of glasses and look great. It all comes down to your personal taste.
Heart shaped or Triangular Faces
With a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a narrow jawline, your face is heart-shaped. When choosing the best pair of glasses for this shape, avoid frames that are "top heavy" with excessive decoration or thickness on the upper part, as this can accentuate the forehead.
Opt for glasses that are rounded, butterfly-shaped, cat-eye-shaped, or wider on the bottom than on top. Low-sitting glasses help balance the wide and narrow parts of this face shape.
Choosing the Right Color for Your Glasses
Approaches to this topic vary based on personality, taste preferences, and fashion attitude. Given that frames are an investment, opt for a color that strikes a balance between being stylish and versatile enough to complement most outfits and personal styles.
A safe and elegant choice is a color that closely matches your hair. Blondes may prefer golden tones or light, transparent frames. Redheads can consider copper-toned frames, tortoiseshell designs, or frames with red-toned acrylic or metal. There are numerous options for frame colors that complement brown and black hair as well.
Additionally, very dark glasses can make a statement on blonde women, provided the frame size and style complement their face shape. While they may stand out more, the choice ultimately boils down to personal preference.
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