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Advice & Ideas for Hairstyles (4)

Maternity Hairstyles
Aside of looking good, it is also a good idea to plan a pregnancy hairdo that is easy to maintain.
Over 40 Hair and Hairstyles
Many women have insecurities about their hair after they turn 40. It seems as if there are still ideas out there that long hair is for the younger generation.
Partner Looks and Hairstyles
Hair is a perfect medium to stand out in the crowd and let everyone know that you love your mate. Matching haircuts or hair colors are much fun!
Tips and advice for people with ginger hair.
Slimming Hairstyles
The right haircut can make you appear slimmer while the wrong one can give the appearance of a few unwanted pounds. Do's and don'ts for a slimmer appearance.
Softening the Corners of a Square Face
The square face shape is relatively common, but often is not properly dealt with in selecting flattering hairstyles. Characterized by a broad forehead and jaw line, the square face tends to have sharper angles in the corners of the face.
Surprise haircuts
Trusting the natural opinion and logic of a hairstylist. Is it a good idea to give your hairdresser carte blanche to deal with your hair?
The Basics of the Bob Haircut
The bob is simple in its design, and in many cases deceptively so. It is a truly precision cut that needs careful execution to create a good-looking style.
The Blunt Bangs Trap
What happens after you leave the hair salon with blunt cut bangs. The upkeep of blunt bangs and the process of growing them out.
The Bob Haircut
The low-risk short hairstyle for those who want to try a new look. Many women can easily wear a bob cut well. The bob is a very versatile style that can be adjusted easily to accommodate a variety of needs.
The Haircut Discussion
Love and relationships require much adaptation, compromise and communication to flourish. Those can be ravaging waters to navigate and one of the sore spots is always a change in your partner's looks.
The Lingering Question
Most women seek hairstyle opinions from their men but rarely take the advice offered.
The Mane Ends
Following the latest trends does not mean this will bring out the most for you, sometimes, you could discover a disappointing mishap of how that trendy do takes away from your original beauty.
The Psychology of Bangs
Did you ever wonder if your bangs say something about you? According to surveys and studies there is something to the psychology of bangs.
The Round Face and Suitable Hairstyles
Individuals with round faces have a specific set of challenges, regardless of the affect of the other facial features.
The Urge to Cut
Reasons why women think about chopping their long hair, what brings up the urge and how to combat the urge to cut.
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