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Partner Looks and Hairstyles

Couples like to do a lot together, from matching shirts to the ever permanent (and often cautioned against) matching tattoos but what if you just want to do something matchy-matchy that is not as permanent but will still let the world know that you are in love?
Women often start by wearing their partner’s clothing or scent to feel closer to them as well as showcasing photos of all activities that occur on social media. There are countless ways to let everyone know that you love your mate but what is a way to stand out in a crowd that is taking it a step further than matching ensembles yet is still super reversible, just in case this love is fleeting and goes south?
Hair is the perfect medium because there are so many options and both the cuts and colors can be extremely fluid so it will not take matching buzz cuts to show how strong your love is, unless that is what you are desiring. In that case, get those clippers out and have some super bold fun with one another.
Partner looks with man and woman wearing similar hairstyles

There is an engaged couple that comes in to the place where I work and you can tell that they are quite symbiotic as they have the exact same color hair. Though hers is long and wavy while his is long on top with a deep undercut, one thing is that they both love the bleach. The two are bleached blonde cuties who clearly have taken their love above and beyond and it is actually quite cute because I can see them sitting at the salon, side by side, getting their roots touched up as a fun and romantic date.
It kind of makes getting your touch ups less painful when you are doing it together and out of love. Now, do I know if they had the same hair color prior to meeting? No, but it is pretty cool to think that this is a choice that they made together and that is something that is really important. Though you are your own person in a relationship and in life, you should always let your partner in on what your hair plans are, especially if they are quite dramatic.
You do not want to shock or scare them and they may need to take a moment to get used to the idea of being in a relationship with a whole new person, physically. For some, that is extremely exciting while others find the concept of change a little too hard to handle and that is understandable; this works both ways. Both men and women should not make dramatic changes to their physical appearances without letting the other person know because, again, not everyone adjusts well to change and that is not something you can fault anyone for.
This is why couple’s hairstyles are so much fun because it allows both of you to experiment with both color and cut. If your boyfriend wants to shave his head but you really love his longer locks, this may prompt you to get angry but then it may prompt you to stop and think of this as an experience the two of you can share.
What if you decided to go for an undercut where just the under layer of your hair is buzzed so it is like a little secret only the two of you have? It might entice your partner to know that you are willing to take the leap to shake things up with him but again, it may also scare him a little bit so talk it out. In the end, it may jazz him up so much that you guys will be doing an out of the box activity together.
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