Softening the Corners of a Square Face

Base shape for square face shape hairstyles
The square face shape is relatively common, but often is not properly addressed when selecting flattering hairstyles. Characterized by a broad forehead and jawline, the square face tends to have sharper angles in the corners of the face. One of the drawbacks of having a square face is the feeling that the strong jaw lends a masculine appearance to the face - a trait that women do not view positively.
To deal with a square face effectively, you need a hairstyle with a lot of soft curves rather than sharp angles and cutting lines. Length is a factor, as you generally want to avoid super-short styles and styles with hard angles, such as sharply defined wedges. You also want to minimize purely horizontal and vertical lines.
The following styles showcase a range of haircuts that are all flattering to the square face. These hairstyles share common traits of off-centered or asymmetrical partings and curved lines and cutting angles:
Style One:
Haircut for women with a square face shape
This two-tiered cut features a zigzag parting and a long bangs area (chin-length) that curves to create a softer appearance. The highlighting around the face also adds depth and definition to emphasize the curved lines of the style. The cut's upper tier is tapered to create a rounded look, while the lower tier provides a counterpoint and balance. This style works best for individuals with thick, wavy hair.
Style Two:
Long razor-cut hair for a square face shape
This long razor cut features an off-center parting and heavily textured layers around the face and in the bangs area. The overall look is smoothly curved and works well to soften the corners of a square face. The cut is perfect for individuals with fine hair that needs some styling to give it a soft wave.
Style Three:
Layered hairstyle for a square face shape
A more voluminous layered style, this cut has a diagonal part and multi-level layering. The separate sections of layering form soft curves and waves that soften the corners of the face. The multiple layers also help to create a sense of length in the face. This style is perfect for individuals with thick hair with a small amount of wave.
Style Four:
Bob haircut for a square face shape
This is a box-layered bob haircut with an off-centered and diagonal parting. The bangs are lightly textured, and the box layering allows the hair to form soft curving lines to frame the face while retaining cleanly delineated cutting lines. The style is perfect for individuals with medium to thick hair with a moderate amount of wave and body.
Style Five:
Razor-cut bob with side bangs for a square face shape
This is a razor-cut bob style with an off-center diagonal parting and long, side-swept bangs. The asymmetry is perfect for drawing attention to the lines of the style, and the curves of the styling offer a softening effect to the corners of the face. The cut and style are good for those who have fine to medium-textured straight hair.
Style Six:
Long-layered haircut with bangs for a square face shape
This style is a long-layered style with an off-center parting and softly textured bangs. The bangs are cut following a curved line and razor-textured to soften them. The layers are razor-textured to soften the cutting lines and provide some texturing around the face. This style is excellent for people with fine to medium-textured hair with a medium to wavy pattern and a lot of body.