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The Lingering Question

To Cut or not To Cut

You see him sitting on the couch. His eyes are fixed on the TV screen in front of him as his hands rummage through the bowl of chips on his laps. You want to ask for his opinion about something vital and pertinent to your life, but you fear he'll either give you a half-assed reply or even worse, he'll be too opinionated. You wait patiently till commercial break for his attention span to return to a functioning level. You walk towards him with something you know will make him focus on you and will encourage him to answer your important question. His eyes dazzle at the sight of the cold beer in your hand. You have him exactly where you want him. Finally, you ask him the lingering question, "Honey, do you think I should cut my hair?"
Husband and wife with long hair How many of you can relate to this scenario? I took a poll this week to determine how many women actually ask their spouses/boyfriends for an opinion about their hair. The majority of the women who responded did indeed ask their men for the male perspective. A woman's hair is something essential to both women and men. For women it is their "crowning glory." All women know that a hair cut can either make you or break you.
So, if you want to take the plunge and change your coiffure, you want to make sure that your man has some input on the change. This way, if he hates it and screams at you, you can tell him it's partly his fault for not talking you out of it. To a man, a woman's hair is a major part of his initial attraction. The majority of men dream of getting his fingers lost in the tresses of a woman's long, lovely locks.
This brings me to part two of my opinion poll. The majority of women who responded said their husbands/boyfriends preferred long hair. Many replied in annoyance as they explained that their men do not know the time, agony, and frustration spent on styling long hair. Although some of the women keep their hair long for their mates, the majority sports a mid-length cut. This made for a very interesting conclusion for my poll.
The poll proved that although most women do seek opinions from their men, they rarely take the advice offered. Face it girls, men just don't understand blow dryer battles or fights with the frizzes. They can't grasp the tragedy of a bad hair day because they hardly have hair! Although it's helpful to know what your man finds attractive, it's pointless to ask a man what you should do with your hair because only you know what works for you.
And men, here's a piece of advice to those of you who are reading this. Learn to say, "Regardless of what you decide to do, you'll look beautiful!" That will certainly make her keep the beers and chips coming.
By Susan Varghese     ©
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