Maternity Hairstyles

Pregnant woman and her hair
Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in a woman`s life. As well as the excitement of having a baby, apprehensions about being a good Mum and the endless retail therapy buying nursery furniture and tiny clothes, there is also the worry and wonder of how our bodies are going to change and how we can carry on looking our best for the next nine months.
Changes in our hormones can change our skin and hair so that we have to rethink our beauty regime, make up and hairstyles to look our best. Skin can be drier or greasier than normal and our skin tone can change from pale to dark or vice versa at various times through our pregnancy.
Hair sometimes becomes greasier and frequently becomes thicker and more lustrous during pregnancy, so we will want to make the most of this and show off our gorgeous, shiny tresses during this important time in our lives.
As well as changes in the colour and texture of our skin and hair, there is some inevitable weight gain during pregnancy and even if it is just a few pounds, the changes will be noticeable to us and we will want to find ways to flatter this new, rounder face shape, particularly during the second and third trimesters when water retention can make our faces look puffy.
Aside of looking good, it is also a good idea to plan a pregnancy hairdo that is easy to maintain. In the early days you might be able to keep up your normal hair and beauty regime, but as time progresses tiredness and your ever expanding waistline will make your normal hair care habits, for example bending double to blow dry your hair, inconvenient and in some cases nigh on impossible!
For a flattering hairstyle, try to avoid super short haircuts. Whilst these are often very low maintenance they will do nothing to conceal the unavoidable double chin that appears in the third trimester and will unkindly accentuate the roundness of your face. A funky bob that skims a couple of inches underneath your chin will be much more flattering.
Parting your hair to the side instead of dead centre will help to slim your face and avoid using straightening irons which tend to flatten the hair to the side of the head. Instead use a root boosting gel whist your hair is wet to lift and add body, which will make your face look smaller and longer.
Longer length hair will benefit from having long layers cut into it, as this will add body and volume to it. Whilst dyeing your hair is not recommended during the first trimester, once you get into your second consider treating yourself to some flattering highlights which will accentuate your skins `glow` and make you feel great.
If you are concerned about the use of chemicals during your pregnancy, speak to a hairdresser or stylist about your worries as they will sometimes be able to get hold of natural hair dyes which will not harm you or your baby and can still give your hair that `little lift` you are looking for.
If you are going out with friends and heavily pregnant fashion does not need to go out of the window along with booze. Plenty of online retailers have a great range of fashionable and flattering clothing available to make you look and you`re your best. If you have a big night out planned but cannot manage an upside down blow dry, consider asking the hairdresser to just wash and blow dry your hair as they can often make you look a million dollars for under twenty quid!
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