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Hair for women aged over 40
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Many women have insecurities about their hair after they turn forty. It seems as if there are still ideas out there that long hair is for the younger generation and once we cross that magic line, we have to sacrifice our beloved locks to the goddess of age. But how boring would the world be, and how sad would we be if we had to succumb to silly rules and outdated ideas?
Eventually, the color of our hair and its texture changes as we get older. That is inevitable. But what we can avoid is falling into any kind of trap — of which there are plenty. The trap of trying to satisfy expectations of others that are based on conventions that no one understands anymore, the trap of getting stuck in a certain rut of a style or length, and then there is the trap of our own confidence that often tries to undermine outbursts of creativity and expression.
Short or long, it doesn't matter anymore. Women over 40 are old enough and have earned the right to wear their hair however they want, whether it be long or short and as spunky as they want. Women over forty usually stop trying to please everyone, and it becomes more important to enjoy life, discover new horizons, and feel secure on their own path.
Most importantly, find a hairstyle that works for you, one that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. For some, that is a short haircut, and for others, they just feel they look better with long hair.
Wearing Long Hair
Don't get stuck with long hair just because you've had it that way all your life. Long hair is beautiful and there's no age limit to it. However, a few things should be considered so that women look their best once they enter the hopefully best years of their lives.
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Does your hair have the texture to be long? If your hair is fine and also on the thin side, meaning the individual hairs have a very small diameter and the density is not high, then you should not go over shoulder length to keep some volume in the hair. And even then, consider layering to add lightness, some sway, and volume.
Layers also have another advantage: they distract from fine lines and wrinkles. If you wear your hair straight and sleek, and in the worst case parted in the center, the vertical focus that is created makes the lines in your face stand out more.
There are many flattering long hairstyles, and they are best worn with as much movement and dimension as possible. Consider highlights to add even more impact.
Short Hairstyles
Many women just feel better with short haircuts, no matter their age. Of course, there is a wide range of hairstyles to choose from, starting with the ultimate classic, the bob, to feisty, short cuts with spikes and lots of texture.
Short hairstyles can create an instant lift to the lines of our face, and they are usually easy to maintain. Just by shifting the focus a bit higher, it appears as if the rest of the face follows suit. Wispy styles with a lot of movement are also very rejuvenating, just because of a few optical illusions.
Anna Wintour hair
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What is your lifestyle, and how much do you have to adapt in your professional career?
If you are the classic type with an unwavering sense of sophistication and style, you might follow Anna Wintour, Vogue Magazine Editor, and her signature style: a chin-length bob with bangs. Sleek and understated, yet meticulously cut and pampered to the ultimate shine, Anna's look is as timeless as her personality.
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