Surprise Haircuts

Surprise haircut in progress
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A surprise haircut; what a novel idea. Giving your hairdresser complete carte blanche to deal with your hair, as they see fit. Ah, I see you turning your head sideways and furrowing your brow slightly. And, with good reason.
It’s relatively normal to entrust yourself to, say, a doctor, or a dentist, or even a beautician aiming a laser at your face. But giving carte blanche to a scissor-happy hairstylist?
Yes, those who enjoy cage diving among great white sharks and playing Russian roulette as part of their parlor game routine might call this "a novel idea". Everyone else would call it lunacy. Why is this? Most people trust the expertise of a doctor or a dentist, who, if they make a mistake, could actually kill you... Now, that’s a novel idea!
Yet, trusting the natural opinion and logic of a hairstylist is deeply frowned upon and highly discouraged by elders. I must admit that I don’t like cage diving, and I tend to listen when elders speak, yet I share this strange belief that giving your hairdresser free reign will not actually result in the end of the world. Unless you have an inexperienced or just plain bad hairdresser. Then, it probably will result in the end of the world.
Power to the Hairdresser!
Everyone reaches a point in life where they just need a change of scenery, or even better, a change in the face that stares back at them in the mirror. Yeah, some of you may be perfectly content with the reflection you see every day, but for the rest of us, there may be a solution. However, you might not like it. Give the power over to your hairstylist!
Woman who is experiencing a drastic hair makeover
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It's actually not as bad as you might think. You can (and should) still set boundaries, such as bangs or no bangs, not shorter than chin length, ears remain covered, or as short as possible. Changing your look should make you feel refreshed and excited. However, only embark on this journey with an experienced hairdresser who knows you well and understands your personal lifestyle and needs.
Then again, if you're part of the Russian roulette clan and you're looking to add a little excitement to your parlor games routine, head to a downtown salon with a lot of young stylists with nose rings and purple and black hair who say "dude" and "bruh" a lot. Choose the one with the funniest misspelled tattoo on her arm and ask her to change your hair in the way she thinks would suit you best.
Also, remember to use the word "dude" or "bro" at the end of each sentence when communicating with them, so as not to confuse or alarm them. Please send us a picture when you're finished. It's always nice to have a midweek laugh at someone else's expense.
Surprised woman with cut off hair in her hands
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Length isn't Everything
Seriously though, don't panic when you see a lot of hair falling down the cape. This only applies if you have chosen an experienced and professional stylist to cut your hair. If you have opted for the "downtown salon" route, take a selfie with your best "I'm not panicking" smile and send it to us immediately.
Remember that contrary to popular belief (and the unwavering certainty that fashion magazines and most of Hollywood have instilled in us), hair length isn’t everything. It's the style and how it complements your features that truly matter.
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