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Hairstyle Tips (2)

From Short to Shoulder-length in Gradual Steps
Here we show you four different cuts that are all similar and can be used to take you from your short style to shoulder-length hair in gradual, progressive steps.
Hair Carving
Hair designers experimenting in hair carving, taking tribal hair design to dizzyingly daring new heights.
Hair Giving Out Signs
Long hair versus short hair in the art of seduction. Hair is an important indicator of who we are as individual human beings.
Hair Lengths
To avoid confusion about hair lengths and their definition, Hairfinder created a very handy hair length chart to show us the most common lengths and all of the in-betweens.
Hair Length and Gender
The length of hair is more than fashion trends. It has cultural, social and religious relevance.
Hair Part and Personality
We all know of the importance that first impressions have. But were you aware that even such small details as the way you part your hair can have an impact?
Hair & Make-up
What hair has to do with your make-up and how to bring your make-up in balance with your hair.
Hairstyle Lengths
The different hairstyle lengths and the issues that people need to consider regarding these lengths. Tips for gamine short, ear-length, chin-length, shoulder-length and very long hair.
Hairstyles Q&A
Questions and answers about hairstyles for women.
Hairstyles for a First Date
First dates are all about first impressions and you want to leave the best one. And you will, if you, first of all, relax and then follow some of the style advice that we have gathered here.
Hairstyles for Business Women
A surprising number of women don't consider their jobs when choosing a hairstyle and the fact is that your hairstyle can say more about you than you may realize.
Hairstyles for Chubby Women
Learn how the right hairstyle and hair color can make heavy women look slimmer.
Hairstyles for Older Women
Hairstyle tips for older women. How to choose the right hairstyle for your age and look younger with the the help of your haircut and styling.
Hairstyles for the Heavy-Set Woman
It's a common problem for many women and a question asked of every stylist at some point in their careers: what's a good hairstyle for a heavy-set woman?
Hairstyles for Thick Hair
Thick hair can be a blessing and a curse. For some it is the cause of envy and the ones who have it often have a hard time figuring out the best hairstyle for it.
Hairstyle Selections to Fit Your Life
There are certain factors that come into play when choosing the "Right" hairstyle for a person's lifestyle. That's why it's important to take the time to talk to your stylist about your lifestyle and routine when deciding on a new look.
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