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Hairstyles for Chubby Women

How to make your face look slimmer and narrower
So, we’ve all been there. You’re trying on your favourite jeans, and it’s just not fitting like it used to, and that little black dress is bulging in all the wrong places. Seems like those endless cocktails with the girls and the second helpings at the dinner table is taking its toll, and the scale has not been kind to you.
Unfortunately, your face is one of the first places that shows when you’ve picked up a few pounds. There goes the perfect selfie … or maybe not? Here we’ve compiled a list of hairstyles, elements, cuts and colors that can have the power to aesthetically melt off those pounds, and making you look slimmer and youthful in the process!
Firstly, remember that long hair is you new best friend, and layers are your BFF. Long hair automatically elongates your face, which in turn makes it look slimmer. Stay away from any style or layer lengths that are shorter than chin-level. The moment that you go shorter than chin-level, your face appears broader, which is exactly what you don’t want right now.
Hairstyle for a chubby woman

The one place where you may want to go shorter is at the crown of your head. The reason for this is that if the hair is shorter here, you’ll be able to blow dry it with lots of volume. The exaggerated volume will firstly make you look taller, which automatically makes your face look narrower thanks to the extra height. Height on top also encourages an elongated oval shape, which makes your face look super slim.
The next best thing that you can incorporate to make your face look slimmer is your hair color. Highlights can work wonders as it detracts the eye from the fuller silhouette of a round face, thanks to the different color dimensions and color-play of highlights. Also, lighter colors have an incredibly youthful effect on the face, as it makes the facial features look softer and refreshed. If you want to make your face look slimmer, you definitely want to stay away from solid, particularly dark or harsh tones.
It’s interesting to note that harsh or very dark long hair can make a particularly narrow or long face look even longer, but these colors have the opposite effect on wide or round faces. You can tap into immense inspiration by merely studying a child’s hair in this regard. Most children have natural colored hair with sun-streaks due to the fact that they spend so much time outside. Hairdressers have been quick to copy this phenomenon by creating a highlighting procedure called “baby-highlights”, or natural looking highlights. These are thin wedges of lighter color placed specifically around the facial region, to elongate the face and freshen up the appearance of the client.
The next huge help to make your face look narrower is to style it right. Remember that you want to elongate your style; thus add height but reduce width wherever possible. Blow dry the hair at the sides of your head straight and sleek, while adding volume to the top of your head/crown if possible.
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