Hair Tips for Working Moms

A working mother who is cutting her hair short
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Multitasking and juggling all of the demands of your family and your job can leave you feeling breathless and often with a lack of time to take care of yourself. With a few adjustments and tricks, you can still look your best even under these demanding circumstances.
New moms often cut their hair to keep it out of baby's grabbing and pulling little hands, and also because it takes less time to fix it. It is a question of personal comfort and practical handling of all of the everyday challenges. With children and a job, the demands to look professional while raising a family can be overwhelming. There are ways to minimize the stress and still maintain your good looks, so lean back and maybe pick up one or two ideas and inspirations.
Getting Organized
In your life as a mom with a day job, it is essential that you stay organized. Knowing where everything is the best time saver. This applies to your office, the house, the breakfast cereal, the supermarket coupons, and especially the bathroom.
Narrow down your styling tools and hair products to the most essential ones that you use every day. Keep them close together and accessible near your mirror. Use a drawer or a basket so that you can grab whatever you need without having to search for it. Talk to your stylist about the most recommended products for your hair. There is a wide range from dry shampoos to instant volume and hold sprays and leave-in conditioners.
Create your perfect toolkit with a couple of good combs and brushes, styling products, leave-in conditioner, hairspray, a curling iron, and a blow dryer if you need one. Also put a couple of mini products in your purse. A small hairspray is great to freshen up your hair during the day and all other lotions and potions also come in trial or airplane sizes. And yes, there is a "mom bag" too.
Short graduated bob with an angled cutting line
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Mom Cut?
Is there a typical mom cut, like there are mom jeans and minivans? The graduated bob, or the A-line bob, turns out to be a prime choice for moms. There is reason to assume that Kate Gosselin had something to do with this trend.
We cannot blame her too much, as the short back with the long front is indeed a stylish and practical solution that even has a bit of edge. Cut to perfection, it falls into place with no extra effort and looks good with most face shapes. But this new classic doesn't have to be one-size-fits-all. Leave that to yoga pants.
Easy to Wear Hairstyles
At the top of the list are the classics. A pixie cut will leave you worry-free for weeks until you need to have it reshaped. It looks great, has a clean and neat appearance with a little sex appeal, and is the quintessential wash-and-go style. There is no need for styling tools, just a little gel if you want to spike it up or slick it back. It looks great with business power suits or with your comfy home clothes and is always trendy. Add a fun hair color to it, and no one will suspect that it is a "mom" cut.
Stylish contemporary pixie cut with short bangs
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We already mentioned the graduated, A-line bob, but there are many more versions of this iconic cut. Straight and chin-length, with layers or asymmetrical. It is a look that always carries a certain sophistication with it. It looks even better when it is slightly tousled so you don't have to be afraid of hugs and playtime that could mess up your fabulous tresses.
How about a sassy page boy cut with bangs? It has the same qualities as a bob with an added retro charm and a cosmopolitan vibe. At the office or on the playground, it will set you apart as a woman of exquisite taste.
Layers were made in heaven for all of us who don't want to spend much time styling our hair. Nothing can go wrong with layers, even when they grow out a bit. During the day, you can freshen them up with a little spritz of water or a styling lotion, ruffle and shake them up, and your peers can enjoy hours more of a beautiful and stylish you.
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