Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Girl braiding her thick long hair
Photo: Depositphotos
Thick hair can be both a blessing and a curse. For some, it is the source of envy, while those who have it often struggle to find the best hairstyle for it. The phrase "thick hair" is either used for hair that has a wider diameter than average and also for dense hair, meaning many individual hairs per square inch. But no matter how you look at it, thick hair always means a lot of volume and a lot of weight.
The goal is to find a hairstyle that flatters you and that utilizes the positive aspects of your thick hair to its advantage and lessens the challenges. On the plus side, you can always be sure that your ears won't stick out when you are wearing sleek and straight looks and your hair won't become stringy and oily looking too quickly as it can happen with fine hair. The challenge is how to cut the hair so that it falls well, is lighter and does not overpower your face.
Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair
Congratulations, you have the right hair to create some magical hairstyles with! The options are plentiful and you can choose almost anything, as long as it works with your face shape. Short, thick hair does not need much support and you can wear fun cuts with textured spikes and don't need a lot of product to keep the hair from going flat.
Short crops with texture keep the weight off and the volume is there all by itself. The same applies to extravagant asymmetrical styles. Thick hair allows you to wear the trendy, heavy bangs and there is still enough hair left to boast a cool texture all around.
Clipper cut looks are very trendy again when the really short hair on the sides or back is combined with longer sections on top. Thick hair is perfect for clipper cutting, because no skin will shine through and there will always be enough substance to keep the look appealing and touchable.
Also great are short bobs, but beware the blunt lines. Those could look too harsh and distort the shape into a trapezoid. It is better to wear a sleek style like a bob with either a slight undercut or some subtle layers built in.
Feminine short hair with clipper cut or shaved sides
Photo: Kseniia Perminova/Canva
Medium Long Hairstyles for Thick Hair
If you want to get rid of some of the weight and have a lot of movement in your hair, shag styles are perfect for thick hair. One good example for a short to medium-length layered look is Lisa Rinna's hair.
Her wispy layers frame her face beautifully, have a lot of dimension and so much movement that it just causes a good mood to look at it. This type of haircut can be adjusted in length and works from just below the chin to almost shoulder-length. Imagine wearing a great wash-and-go hairstyle like this!
If you are more into classic and refined looks, then a medium-long to long bob could be a good choice. Smooth strands that still have volume can only be done right when the hair has a certain thickness, so make the most of your hair and try out one of the sophisticated hairstyles.
And again, avoid a cut that is too blunt, since the cutting line would have a certain width that would not deliver the sleek elegance you are looking for. An undercut can help and also allow the hair to gently curve inward with much ease.
Long Hairstyles for Thick Hair
This is where thick hair really comes into play. The mane. If you have it, go for it. Many women with long and thick hair, cut it into layers. These help to bring out any natural wave that may be in the hair and it also gives straight hair more lift as well as more movement. Keep the layers long enough so that you can enjoy some of the fabulous updos that can be done with thick hair.
A long hairstyle with a side part looks dramatic and very luxurious. Thick hair gives you the advantage of having a lot of hair on the wider side of the side part, but still enough left on the smaller side to make an impact.
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