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Hair Part and Personality

We all know of the importance that first impressions have. But were you aware that even such small details as the way you part your hair can have an impact? Just as the shape and texture of eyebrows, the shoes you are wearing and the whiteness of your teeth, the location and nature of your hair part sends a message.
Computer Scientist John Walter and his anthropologist sister Catherine Walter conducted a thorough study of the comb drawn line on our heads and their findings will make you look at parts as never before.
zigzag hair part Our brains are longitudinally divided into a left and a right cerebral hemisphere. This fact of our biology was first studied by Pierre Paul Broca in the mid 1800s and later followed up on by German physician Karl Wernicke. In a broad simplification this split became known as the left brain and right brain idea with distinct characteristics associated to either one of them.
In this sweep of generalization people are said to be more dominated by one or the other making the left brain ones more logical,objective and academic while a right brain dominated person is more creative, intuitive, imaginative, care free and subjective and bases decisions more on feeling than on rational thinking.
According to Walter and Walter this relates directly to why the location of a hair part is so important to produce the first impression that you want.
The siblings compared parts of presidents and other politicians with their personality and how it was subconsciously perceived by others. One of the base ideas was that the way we are treated by others has an impact on our personality, simply due to our own adjustment to positive and the avoidance of negative reactions by our peers.
The Walter study is mostly geared towards men, perhaps because women tend to change their hairstyles more often and are more creative with their looks based on current trends.
Left Parts
One of their observations was that the vast majority of men part their hair on the left. Among these on the celebrity line-up are David Duchovny, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and most American Presidents. Only six of all presidents parted their hair on the right! That attached impression is that of a natural and confident leader, a successful businessman, charismatic, outgoing and in general popular. According to this a left part is the quintessential corporate look ready to the pinstripes and ties.
Right Parts
Men with right parts are looked at as being more introvert, aloof and idiosyncratic. Perhaps this is the reason why in Christopher Reeve's Superman movie Clark Kent wears his part on the right, while his alter ego, Superman, has a clean and crisp part on the left. Coincidence? James Franco and also wear their parts on the right side.
Center Parts
These are dubbed the outsiders, the individual free spirits blazing their own trail and often wear longer hair that is parted in this balanced way. Among them are Christian Bale, Johnny Depp and Russel Brand and Jared Lehto
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