How to get a Good Haircut

Girl before haircut makeover
Everyone wants a good haircut and there are few people out there who haven’t gone through the horrors of receiving a bad one. Hairdressers, especially experience this. Don’t be surprised. I worked in a very large salon at one time. I recall, getting a haircut from one of my fellow associates.
She was asking me questions and telling me her life’s story and chewing gum. I worriedly watched my hair fall to the floor. By the time she was done, I had no hair in my crown. I told her my crown was too short. Her reply, “it will grow back.” Famous last words, spoken, because of a careless mistake. Grow back, it did, and she never cut my hair again.
In another salon, I observed hairdressers smoking while they worked. The ashes would grow so long, they would spill out either on the client’s hair or on the floor, or, yes, in their coffee mug that would “refresh” them as they continued servicing their client. This whole process amazed me. The talker was good if she wasn’t talking so much. The other’s who smoked and drank coffee while servicing, were basically good hairdressers. Their salon etiquette could have been improved.
Although hairdressers may have some offensive traits it does not mean they aren’t good ones. On the other hand, you have to connect with your hairdresser and feel comfortable and confident with her ability while she is talking to you. Do you click? There has to be a meeting of the minds and an understanding of the hearts when you talk.
The secret to a good haircut begins by you starting to look around when you are out shopping. Make this a priority. Notice other women’s cuts until you see one you admire. Approach her and ask her, where she gets her hair done. She will gladly share with you, as any woman would, when given such a compliment. Don’t forget to get this lady’s name, so you can refer to her style when you visit her salon.
When you sit in the chair, listen very closely to what the hair stylist is saying to you about your hair. Listen to her questions and think carefully before you answer her. You don’t have to be in a hurry. This is your hair and your money. You are paying for her expertise and counsel. When you approach her about the style you want, what does she say about this style for you? Again, is there communication between the two of you?
Many times clients select a style they would like, but discover their hair does not have the texture for it and the upkeep can be too demanding before going to work. If there is a good communication, your hairstylist will tell you whether or not you can wear the style you desire. Sometimes the style will not compliment the frame of your face or your body, in which case, the stylist should have an idea of what you are wanting and suggest one that does.
Observing other hairdressers in the salon will help you also. Go with a friend to her salon and just watch the other stylists work for awhile. Does this one seem to have high standards while she is doing hair? Does she talk about all of her problems or does she listen to her client instead? Ask yourself if you would like to listen to her problems as well.
Is she paying attention to what she is doing? Does she seem to hurry her clients in and out, not taking much time with them? Is she doing a haircut plus permanent on another and a coloring process in the corner, all at the same time, because of the problems of over booking? Would you mind this type of rush, serviced on you too? Does she appear to be too busy to take the needed time on your hair? If she is, shop around a little bit more. It’s ok to be picky.
Although, it isn’t good to judge by appearances, in this case we can sometimes make a small exception. What does your hairdresser’s hair look like? If she is young and has magenta wildly punked spiked hair with five nose rings and one looped tongue ring that makes her salivate and swallow continiously; you need to ask yourself if she can give you the conservative look you are searching for. Is she able to talk clearly with all of that going on in her mouth? She would probably bond with other’s her own age and those who like drama like herself.
On the other hand, if one is in the corner and only servicing older women, the same thing applies in the opposite spectrum. Watch her for awhile and see if she is styling the type of coif you are interested in.
What does her hair represent to you? Is it something you would wear for yourself? Are they confident or cocky as they work on hair or not too sure about what they are doing? What do their styles look like when they walk out of the salon? Watch, observe and listen.
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