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Hairstyles for a First Date

Man, woman and hairstyles for a date

First date jitters? Don't worry, he will be nervous too and perhaps try on a few outfits, practice his smile and hairstyle in front of his mirror. First dates are all about first impressions and you want to leave the best one. Not just that, you want to wow him! And you will, if you, first of all, relax and then follow some of the style advice that we have gathered here.
Be Yourself
Show the real you and do not pretend or try to present yourself in a way that you assume he might like. Usually, that does not work in the long run. No matter if your hair is long or short, spunky or conservative, find a hairstyle that best expresses who you are and keep it simple, natural and touchable. Don't try too hard to impress anyone, that just looks desperate.
Blue Jeans or Little Black Dress
The right hairstyle for your special rendezvous depends definitely on the nature of the date. Are you heading out for dinner and a movie, to the opening of an art show, a bike tour or a baseball game? We'll give you ideas for casual and dressed up styles for short and long hair and there are even hairstyles that can go along with anything! But always keep in mind that less is more.
First Date Styles for Short Hair
Pixie cuts are the top runners of favorite looks on women, that men love. Pixies are uncomplicated, feisty, touchable and sexy at the same time. They can also be easily dressed up or down.
For a casual look just ruffle your clean hair, perhaps push the sides back with just a dab of product and style the top hair in different directions. This gives the pixie much texture and dynamic. A diagonal fringe will bring more attention to your eyes. Make sure that you don't use a gel that turns very stiff or hard when it is dry. Rather go for a light mousse and a mist of spray. This kind of hairstyle goes with all outfits and looks ravishing in all surroundings. But if you want to boost the effect, add a little sparkly hairpin on one side.
Short bobs should just be left as they are in their elegant, sophisticated simplicity. Perhaps give the parts along your cheeks a little curve into your face for more spice and finesse. Use a smoothing serum to avoid rebel hairs or static.
Short hair has a tendency to look sporty. If you want to soften the look, use a round brush when blow drying to flip the ends of the hair up and out for a fun, wispy look. A few touches with a curling iron to add sexy little curves and texture around the edges is also a great touch, subtle but with much impact.
First Date Styles for Long Hair
Up or down is the big question. If in doubt, keep them down. Men love nothing more than beautiful long and free flowing hair that makes them want to run their hands through. The appeal of long hair cannot be underestimated, it still is a strong symbol of femininity and works on a very deep level in your beau's psyche.
For the „pretty girl next door“ look go for a semi up-do! This means that you take the section of hair that is in front of your ears and style it to the back, where you then use a barrette or clip to hold it in place. A couple of thin strands look nice when left out to play along your face.
A wonderful alternative would be a ponytail and the old time favorite for hot days also exudes its charm on steamy dates. Massage some mousse into your towel dry hair and tousle it with your fingers while it dries. This creates an interesting texture. Then gather all of your hair in the back, but do not pull too tight. The look has to be playful and not strict.
A very nice way to bind the ponytail is to use a small elastic in a color close to your hair and then wrap the elastic with a strand of your own hair to hide it. This look has a perfect balance of casual and elegant and you can never go wrong with it. If you hair is long enough try an irresistible braid that leisurely falls over one shoulder. Instead of the regular three strand braid, try a herringbone pattern.
Be careful with the up-dos. They are dressy, feminine and romantic but can easily be overdone. Again, less is more and the best up styles for a first date are casual, tousled looks that have an effortless appearance. Too elaborate styles may look like you are trying just a little bit too hard. A fuzzy bun with loose strands on the side is absolutely enticing!
Curly Hair
Flaunt it in its natural beauty! Use a smoothing product and perhaps a special curl enhancing gel to bring it all out. Don't brush or comb out the curls, they would turn into a big mass of frizz.
How to Use Hair Accessories
Hairbands are trendy once again and they are a quick and chic way to spruce up your hair. They keep long hair out of your face and also add a fun dash of color to short looks.
If you want to add a little elegant sparkle to your hairstyle, try a small hairpin or barrette with rhinestones, but keep it small and one is enough. You don't want to look „decorated“ but a little bling in the right place can be very pretty.
Stay away from hairpieces, like a clip on ponytail or brightly colored clip on strands. If you fake the length of your hair it has the same effect as colored contact lenses. He'll figure out soon enough that it was not real and might not be thrilled.
Last Minute Fixes
Imagine you have a very short notice date and not enough time to get ready and wash your hair. Do not despair. There are some quick ways to freshen up your look. If you have long hair brush it over the head and spray on a light mist of hairspray throughout. Flip back up, shake it and there is a bouncy, voluminous mane that looks as if it just had a blow out. Use a curling iron for small effects and to redirect unruly hair.
To quickly style short hair, spray on a thin mist of water, tousle the hair with some mousse and either style it with your fingers or comb it for a sleeker or retro look.
With your hair in a flattering shape, all you need is an outfit that makes you feel attractive but also comfortable. A touch of make-up (stick with natural, earthy tones and focus on eyes) and you are ready for romance. Little hint: Use a tiny bit of your favorite perfume in your hair. It is enough to spray a whiff on your wrists, rub them together and then gently ease them through the hair. Subtlety is the key.
Enjoy and may your first date be the beginning of something very wonderful!
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