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Young woman who is wearing a red satin blouse
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What does your hair have to do with your makeup? The answer: everything. For example, if you are a wheaten blonde and strive to look your best, you should strive to look like a natural beauty. Believe it or not, you can wear a lot of makeup and still not look like it. The secret and fun lie in the blending. When you apply your makeup, blend lightly over the creases and then blend in your concealer (let's face it, everyone wears it, or they should).
Many times, strawberry-wheaten blondes have a few charming freckles sprayed over their nose and under their eyes, like one of my personal favorite actresses, Sissy Spacek. Have you seen her lately? She is still one of the great natural beauties of the movie world. As I recall, I don't remember Sissy ever purposefully trying to cover her freckles with pancake makeup, although she may have tried when she was a teenager. She wears makeup but doesn't look the part. Her hair has always been in harmony with the makeup she wears.
Raven to dark brunettes can get away with a little more than their blonde-haired sisters because most of the time, they tend to have darker skin pigmentation. With olive, tan, or dark skin, black eyeliner tends to bring out an exotic flavor to their eyes. The color of shadow they choose depends on the tones under their skin. Warm browns and tawny creams look outstanding with bright orange Tahitian flowers covering their dress.
Just by looking at them makes us daydream of a warmer place with palm trees swaying in the breeze, while lying in a hammock beside sparkling turquoise waters. Their entire look should be filled with the drama of reds, oranges, turquoises, and bright greens, as bright colors bring out the most attraction in them and they are the ones who can really pull them off. A good example is Michelle Obama, who wears a lot of red. Black-on-black or beige-on-beige is conservative, but it won't make you shine!
Light browns, or "brownettes" as they were once called, can be enticing. A few good examples are Angie Martinez, Drew Barrymore, older stars Anita Colby, Anita Ekberg, Barbara Streisand, and famous professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska. Light brown hair cannot be considered boring or shunned because it lies between blonde, red, and darker brown. Sometimes it may appear redder, blonder, or browner depending on the lighting.
Photo: Mart Production/Pexels
Light browns can get away with wearing more makeup in various colors, depending on their skin tones. Although Reese Witherspoon appears to be a natural blonde, she is likely a dark blonde or light brown. They usually wear muted, smoky shades for their eyes and neutral lip tints, and they often change their hair to a light blonde many times over in one lifetime.
From raven hair to platinum, you are unique, and if you are drawn to a certain color, why not try it on and see if it makes you sparkle? When you do, examine how it makes you feel inside; it could open up a whole new you.
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