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How realistic are you about your hair?

The reason why salon customers become dissatisfied with their stylist usually falls into two categories. 1) The client has unrealistic expectations about what their hair will and won’t do 2) The stylist has limited ability or training or doesn’t educate the client.
It never stops amazing me how clients will chose a style that does not reflect what their hair will actually do. The first step in making sure that expectations do not lead to disappointment is to take a close look in the mirror. Here are some steps to take when doing so.
Salon client choosing a new hair tone A) Look in your eyes. Don’t look at the skin texture or any slight disappointing facial features or shapes. Look deep into the eye and note the color. That color is a spectrum of what balances your skin tones. Gold’s, reds, yellows, blues …. whatever the spectrum, those are the tones that need to be in your hair either naturally or applied. The choices of those colors will brighten your skin and facial features to work together.
B) Now pull your visual back a bit and note the reality of your hair texture. Is it coarse, fine, thick, thin, curly straight or a combination? Does it work with your personality? Is it over stressed by your trying to make it what it isn’t or is it compatible with your attitude and the way that you carry yourself?
Being honest with the way that you look is essential for avoiding frustration. If your color or texture is not working for you then you have probably chosen someone else’s hairstyle that does not fit your personality or lifestyle.
There are many stylists to choose from that can either help you to see the reality of your hair and how it adds to your lifestyle or how it has created a monster that has to be controlled everyday or you won’t walk outside your door.
A stylist’s ability is either forced or natural. A forced ability is someone who has not learned the structure of basics with hair. This means that they do not have a comprehension of balance, weight, growth pattern, texture or density and color. Note, I did not mention facial shape. That is an extinct approach of determining the shape of a style. I always try to bring attention to the eyes because they are the windows of ones true beauty. It could be just one of these that are missing or sometimes all six. Missing just one of these important components can take a hair style from expectation to disappointment.
Maybe you found a stylist that you heard is great. You decide to set up a consultation. This is the time for the stylist to shine, to win you over with their personality and expertise. Put them to the test by asking them to explain how they see all six facets of your hair. This is to say that you have a realistic summation of your attributes and challenges. If any of those facets do not calculate into reality then most likely either will the hairstyle.
Now that you see the reality of your hair, you can choose the best style and stylist for your hair. Have a style that requires time or a style that you can blow and go. Either way, balance, weight, growth pattern, texture or density and color will all work together to make your style complete.
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