How To Find Your Best Hair Length

Back view of women with different hair length
Are you getting ready to make an appointment in the salon to get a haircut? How do you know what length will look best on you? Take a look at this friendly guide that can help give you an idea of where to start before you go in for your cut.
Find the heading below that describes your hair texture or thickness and take a look at some tips for finding the perfect hair length for you.
Curly Hair
Longer lengths are often best for curly haired ladies. Having the ends fall well past the shoulder keeps it weighed down and lying nicely. A few longer layers to help take out some bulk is good but avoid over layering your strands so you don’t end up with a pyramid shape. Mid lengths and bobs are probably the worst choice for curly haired clients but an extreme pixie is a fun alternative to a longer curly hairstyle.
Straight Hair
If you have stick straight hair it is highly suggested to keep your strands sleek and smooth. Chin length and longer is good as long as you avoid over layering your hair. Straight hair wants to be just that – straight.
Keep it looking sleek and shiny by embracing the smooth texture and not adding any layers or interior cuts. If you have really thick, straight hair you may want to layer the bottom just to take out some bulk. Avoid pixie hairstyles.
Wavy Hair
You don’t have crazy curls, and you don’t have stick straight strands. Your hair is a happy medium, in between both and called “wavy”. Wavy texture is an awesome texture to have because oftentimes you can flat iron your strands or curl them easily to get the best of both worlds. Wavy hair is also great because you can pull off anything from a pixie, a bob, or super long strands. You can wear any length of hair and look great. Sweet!
Thick Hair
Strands that have a length that reaches past the shoulders or just at the shoulders are good choices for thick haired clients. Pixie haircuts are also a good option. Avoid bulky bobs if you have extremely thick hair.
Thin Hair
If you have thin hair, shorter lengths are definitely recommended. Think shoulder length and above to get the fullest looking hairstyle you can. When thin hair is long it can start to look wispy and stringy.
Get a blunt cut to maximize fullness and avoid layers. If you must have layers, add them at the crown to add volume and shape. A-line hairstyles and classic bobs are a great choice for fine haired clients.
Mature Hair
There is a big hair myth circulating around that when you reach your forties or fifties that you need to start shortening up the length of your hair. With so many amazing rejuvenating hair products and coloring techniques available today, that old myth just doesn’t hold up anymore.
The main reason women used to start chopping their hair off was due to the amount of gray hair they had. Women would cut hair off instead of keeping up with regular color appointments. Coloring your hair is an amazing help to keep hair staying looking young and fresh. The new universal thought for hair for older women is to color it and wear it any length you feel works best for you. Attitude is everything so rock it!
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