Pregnancy & Bio Ionic Straightening

Pregnant woman with straight hair
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Q: I'm just wondering if I can straighten my hair with the system called "Bio Ionic Straightening" when I'm trying to get pregnant. Is it too chemical? Is there a problem? Or is it not a problem when I'm not pregnant yet?
A: The Bio Ionic System is no more harsh on the hair and system than perhaps a standard perm or thio-straightening would be. I've found many references to expectant mothers who have had the service during pregnancy and before with no ill effects.
However, because many salons use different formulas by different makers who have slightly differing ingredient lists, you may want to check with your local salon about the specific products they use and the chemicals contained therein, and then speak to your doctor about possible problems from exposure to these substances.
Regardless of the doctor's okay, I would expect the salon to perform a patch test on you to ensure that you have no sensitivities to the chemicals involved.
Also, if you have to have a retouch service while you are pregnant (results often last for 6-9 months before needing retouch) you should plan a visit to the salon to make sure you haven't developed sensitivity to the chemicals as a result of the chemical/biological changes of being pregnant.
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