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Get Rid of a Straight Perm

Q: I got a straight perm and I hate it! It made some of my hair go up at the ends kind of like a hook. So it looks messy and feels weird. Some of the hairs don't have it but some do. I wish to get rid of it. I've also cut my hair but it just goes back. How do I get rid of it? Also, how do I get my hair healthy, shiny and bouncy? Please help.
A: The answer to this question depends on the specific type of straight perm you got. If the perm was a standard thio-based perm (ask your stylist) you can simply have a traditional perm performed (with rollers of the appropriate size to mimic your original curl pattern) to restore your look. However, if you had a straightener containing any hydroxide formula, you will be unable to have the hair re-permed and must wait until the hair grows out.
Odds are that you've had a thio-based perm, and the re-perm will be called for. I do strongly advise against using the same stylist who did the straightening. The hook-ends you mention sound like a sign of improper performance in the straightening and would indicate possible stylist error. So unless the stylist is someone you truly trust, I would seriously consider looking for someone else to do the re-perm service.
As for getting back to a healthy, shiny, bouncy state you will need to make sure your hair is well-conditioned. A common side effect of perm services is that the hair is left more porous. It doesn't retain moisture as well, so you need a good conditioner and perhaps even weekly deep conditioning to restore the condition of the hair and help it get back to being bouncy and shiny.
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