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Permanently Straightening Hair

Q: Do you think that permanently straightening your hair is worth the money and time?
A: Well, I suppose it truly depends on your personal preferences. If you really want straight hair and are willing to commit to a process with results that can last up to six months, then maybe this is what you want.
girl with long straightened blonde hair I presume you are referring to the relatively new process called thermal reconditioning which is becoming increasingly popular. From all the information currently available, it is an amazingly effective process, and a rather expensive one. I've seen prices ranging from $200-800 or more depending on the location.
Now, this seems like a lot of money at first, but you should factor in all the variables in the situation. Let's use the following example:
Corrine has naturally curly hair that she has been having chemically straightened every six weeks for many years. And to get the smooth finish she desires, she has to spend 45 minutes each day blow-drying and flat-ironing her hair. She's been discussing with her stylist the possibility of having thermal reconditioning, but is concerned about the price. (Her salon charges $350 for this service on hair of her length.)
However, in the last six months, Corrine has spent $50 every six weeks (that's 4 times in six months) for the straightening processes ($50 x 4 = $200). And has spent another $20 a month on products for making her hair smooth and straight via blow-drying and flat-ironing ($20 x 6 = $120).
When her stylist explains to her that the thermal reconditioning will last her up to six months, will eliminate the need for the specific hair-straightening products, AND will save her about 30-minutes a day in getting ready, the numbers begin to add up. The monetary difference between the cost of her normal process of straightening ($320/six months) and the thermal reconditioning ($350/six months) seems negligible. When she factors in that she'll save herself about 60 hours over that six month period, the idea of thermal reconditioning looks better and better.
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