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Long Hair Straightening

Q: Does long hair need less straightening? I love it when my hair is perfectly straight but I do realize that my flat iron is damaging it, even when I use products for heat protection. Now I have this theory that long hair is heavier and that its own weight will weigh it down and make it straighter. Is this theory correct? My hair is almost shoulder length now and I'm prepared to let it grow below my shoulders if this really helps to make it straighter and reduce the frequency of flat ironing.
A: If your hair is mostly straight, you could get by with using a shorter pass on the hair. Say perhaps the last half of the length. However, you do need to make sure you use a quality appliance and carefully prepare the hair beforehand.
One step that is important is making sure the hair is fully dry. Shampoo and condition thoroughly - applying your protective products - then blow dry the hair with medium or low heat and direct the air in the direction the hair grows - away from the scalp. Use a natural bristle brush to smooth out the hair and hold it taut as you dry it.
This will allow you to straighten and smooth the hair considerably better than with other methods. After the hair is fully dry, you can pass the ends through a flat iron if needed. This should help reduce the damage to your hair and give you the results you want.
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