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Q: I've permanently straightened my hair for 4 years, and in numerous places (Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean salons). They all called it something different: permanent straight, magic straight, thermal reconstruction. The processes were all the same, though: apply cream, set for some time, wash, iron straight, re-apply neutralizer (I believe), set, wash, re-iron. Some threw in additional cream they said it was moisturizer.
My question is: Each time I did this straightening, they straightened my new regrowth plus most of my old straightened hair. I have waist length (excluding 2 inches at the bottom) hair. If I use a home straightening kit, would I apply the cream to all of my hair or just approximately the regrowth?
Would salons nowadays offer this cream type of straightening, since it is much quicker? Thank you.

A: Given your history of chemical straightening services in a salon setting, you are going to have to take the initiative and do your homework before you attempt a home straightening service that could prove disastrous.
You need to know what kinds of chemicals were used in the previous straightening services at various salons and read the packaging of the home straightening kit thoroughly to make sure you can safely use the product on hair that has been previously treated with the chemicals used before. Failure to make sure of these factors can lead to severe damage to the hair, as well as subsequent breakage and loss from said breakage.
As for the straightening services offered in today’s salons, they are changing all the time. New processes come out and become popular and salons will introduce them in order to compete and increase business. If you want to know what specific straightening services a particular salon will offer, you simply will have to check with the salon and ask for details.
Traditionally, many “retouch” services deal primarily with the new growth of hair, and only add in the previously treated hair in the latter stages of the service. However, depending upon the specific chemicals involved, it is completely safe for the hair to be retreated with the straightening process along with the new growth, in the way a traditional perm service is re-applied whenever a new perm is needed.
I’m sorry that I can’t offer you more specific information, but I have no way of knowing what may or may not be offered in the salons in your area, and I can’t tell you what hazards may be involved in your choice of home straightening kits since I don’t know what specific services you have had and which home kit you are considering. On the plus side, you can reach the different salons you’ve visited and reading the packaging will alert you to potential interactions of which you should be aware.
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