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Straighten Short Wavy hair

Q: I have really wavy hair and I can't find a product to straighten it. It's too short for a flat iron. I sure would like help. Thank you
A: My first inclination is to recommend that you look to getting a thio-straightening service. This is basically a perm that is administered without using any perm rods. The objective is to use the waving lotion to break the chemical side bonds of the hair, by applying the waving lotion and combing it through the hair until the hair is smooth, rinsing out the waving lotion, and applying neutralizer (and combing it through) to lock the hair into a straighter wave pattern. This can be done at home with a home perm kit, but should be performed with the aid of a friend on longer hair. There are products available specifically for straightening the hair in this manner.
short wavy hair

You don't specify how short your hair is, but I would like to point out there are new flat-iron models available designed to straighten super-short hair. Perhaps one of the newer super-thin designs would be a better option for you than a chemical straightening process.
Depending on just how short your hair is, I don't know that the regular straight-styling hair products will be of any benefit to you. These typically are meant to help hold the hair in a straight configuration that is achieved through heat styling (blow-dry straightening, and flat-ironing). With shorter hair, particularly when it has a strong natural wave, the heat and moisture generated by the scalp is usually sufficient to undo the straightening after a short time.
So, obviously, the choice is yours as to whether you want to use a more permanent straightening method, or try to find a new flat iron designed for your shorter length of hair. Both have advantages, and they aren't mutually exclusive. (Many women have chemical straightening services to reduce the amount of curl and wave in their hair then use flat irons to get a smooth, sleek look.) I hope this helps, and feel free to write in again if you have any more questions.
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