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Make Wavy Hair Straight

Q: I have always had very straight hair. I am now forty and recently I was sick and had to cut my once down-to-my-hips long hair to the point where it was about 1-1/2 inches long due to a lengthy illness. Now that it has grown out, one side of my hair has a curl that curls upward and no matter what I put in it (including hair spray) it won't be tamed down. Is there something I can do to get my hair from being wavy back to being straight again?
A: If you prefer a non-chemical approach to the problem, I suggest you begin by blow-drying the hair using a large flat-paddle brush to blow the hair out straight. Follow this technique with the use of a flat iron to smooth out the locks to full straightness. (If you need advice on using these appliances, see our articles on straightening here at Hairfinder.)
If you prefer a more permanent solution, you can always opt for chemical straightening. You can use one of the myriad home straightening kits, or visit your salon for thio-straightening, or if you want a perfectly straight look, consider the Japanese Thermal Reconditioning available in many salons. These processes can range widely in price, from less than $15 U.S. for home kits, to over $500 for Japanese Reconditioning. You can find solutions to fit your budget.
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