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Scrunch Straightened Hair

Q: If I straighten my hair, will my hair ever be as curly as it was if I scrunch it with it straight?
A: Ok, let's assume for a moment that you are talking about chemically straightening your hair. In this case, you will not be able to get anything remotely similar to the level of curl you had prior to straightening it, no matter how you scrunch it. Chemical straightening reconfigures the wave pattern of the hair by breaking (or breaking and reforming) the chemical side bonds in the hair. The amount of curliness you can expect from scrunching the hair after a straightening service depends on how straight the hair is after the chemical straightening process.
Now, if you simply meant "physically straightening" the hair (such as with blow-drying and flat-ironing) then all you'll have to do to get your hair back to the curly state is to wet it again. Blow-dryer straightening and flat-ironing straighten the hair by breaking the physical side bonds in the hair. Water and heat break these physical bonds (hydrogen bonds and salt bonds) and the hair becoming dry and cool reforms the bonds. Because of this, the straightening of the hair becomes completely reversible very easily.
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