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Straight Hair Without Heat Styling Damage

Q: How can I get my straight hair back without heat styling? I have naturally straight hair and after a shower or shampoo it was always perfectly straight without doing anything. A couple of weeks ago I got layers (huge mistake!) and now my hair bends and the ends turn outwards. I don't want to use a flat iron because I don't want to damage my hair. Is it possible to straighten it without a flat iron or other tools that use heat?
A: It sounds as though your hair has SOME wave in it which has been brought out by the layering. Basically, the removal of the weight on the shorter layers has allowed the hair to bend more where previously the hair was weighed down by the length.
You can probably improve the look by using a warm blow-dryer and a large round brush (or flat paddle brush) to gently turn the shorter layers inward and thus create a smoother look. Just remember to keep the heat setting LOW and use sufficient tension on the hair to change the bend in the hair.
Finally, you could also use a flat iron with a LOW setting (start with the lowest setting and work your way up gradually until it is just warm enough to get the results you want) in order to straighten the hair. Use a light hold hairspray first, let it dry completely, then use the warm iron and you should be able to get straight hair again without risk of damage.
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