Perms Q&A (5)

Hair with permed curls
Is there any way I can wash my perm out faster?
Is there any way to get rid of a perm without having to cut my hair?
Is there a perm for mature, white hair which would give it body?
Is there a perm I can use over hair that has been colored with metallic dyes?
Is there a perm that can create the heat rollers effect?
Is there a way to get rid of the marks that the perm rods create after a perm?
Is there such a thing as a semi-permanent perm that I could have for a couple of days?
I want a spiral perm and a new color. Should I color my hair first?
I want to get rid of my perm. Can I use canola oil?
I would like to know how to take care of my permed hair to keep it healthy, strong and growing.
My hair color was removed during perming. When can I color again?
My hair does not take curls. Will I have to sleep with curlers when I perm it?
My hair goes flat at the slightest amount of humidity. Can you suggest a perm to solve this problem?
My hair has too much curl after getting a body wave.
My hair is breaking after a perm. What should I do?
My hair is frizzy after getting a perm. Can it be saved?
My hair is gummy and breaking of after I did my own home perm.
My hair is too curly and frizzy after I had a perm. What can I do to relax the curls?
My hair is very puffy when washing it after getting a perm.
My hair melted during a perm strand test? Why?
My stylist used neutralizer instead of perm solution. Is it safe to perm my hair now?
Please explain the difference of an acid perm vs. an alkaline perm.
Please let me know your thoughts on the beach perm or any other suggestions you may have.
Should I get a perm or a body wave for my very long hair?
Should I get my hair trimmed before or after my perm?
Should I get my perm done before surgery or afterwards?
Should I put an s-curl in my hair before or after I get a haircut.
Should perm rods follow my new off center growth pattern?
Should you get a perm during your menstrual cycle?
The last 4 or 5 perms I got did not produce the results I'm used to. Why?
The perm processing time has not been respected and now my hair won't curl.
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