Frizzy and Too Curly Hair after Perm

Frizzy permed hair
Q: About a month ago I had a perm done by a home-based hair stylist. She used the brand called Acclaimed. She used the white curlers for the top section and purple for the lower section. I had told her that I want a body perm and that the top section of my hair is thin.
The perm turned out to be too curly and very dry. I washed it the same night (using lots of conditioner) hoping that the curls will become softer the next day. It did not. It just got very frizzy. The bottom section had gotten straighter, but the top section remains very curly.
I went back to her to ask her for help. She set my hair in rollers and put my hair under the dryer for about 1/2 hour. The curls are bigger and softer. I waited for 2 days to wash it and it went back to being curly and frizzy.
What can I do to help relax the curls? I read about Ouidad products and also Ogilvie products. Should I even try them?
Please advise. My hair takes a long time to grow, and I don't want to have to deal with these terrible looking curls for the next 10 months. Thanks for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.

A: My initial concern here from some of the things you describe is that your hair may have been stressed or overly damaged by the perm formula used. The level of frizz you describe leads me to think that you have sustained some significant damage to the hair.
My recommendation is that you start a conditioning regimen immediately to try and counter any damage you've experienced to your hair. You need to use some type of conditioner every day (whether a rinse-through conditioner in the shower, or a leave-in conditioner spray) and do intensive deep-conditioning at least twice a week by using a conditioning cream on the hair and wrapping the hair in a plastic cap and a hot towel for at least 15-20 minutes or sit under a warm hair dryer.
You can always undergo a corrective perm if your hair is in sufficient condition to withstand the process. I recommend that you speak with your stylist (or a new stylist if you feel the current one is insufficiently capable) about having a corrective perm service using a gentle perm formula to soften the curls by rolling the hair on larger rods and processing the new perm. (I would suggest an acid wave or at least acid-balanced perm.) This should give you the larger curls you wanted in the first place.
However, you want to make sure that your hair will survive the new process, so make sure the stylist does a test curl and strand tests before having the hair processed all over.
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