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Perm & Trimming Hair

Q: I have medium length, wavy hair (2-3" below the ears and just barely touching my shoulders) and got a perm 5-6 months ago. My hair perms rather easily and can last 5-8 months. My last "trim" was 3-4 months ago and is in dire need of a trim now. I still have a lot of curl left in my hair, but I know after a good trim, a lot of the old perm will be cut off. I want a new perm because I do have a lot of new growth and after a trim, most of the old perm will be gone.
My hair stylist says I should trim my hair after it is permed (same day), however, I'm afraid that too much of the new perm will be cut off. Since it has been a long time since my last trim, I'm afraid I need at least 1-1 1/2 inches cut off. Should I get my hair trimmed before my perm (to cut off the old perm), or cut it right after my perm (same day/visit)? Thanks!

A: Well, usually the call to cut the hair before or after a perm is made based on whether or not the hair will be long enough to wrap on perm rods after the hair is cut. Given the length of hair you describe yourself as having, I don't see that there will be any difficulty caused by cutting the hair beforehand. However, if your stylist is more comfortable cutting it afterward, you should probably concede that she has a reason.
As for the possibility of having "too much of the new perm cut off", you shouldn't be concerned about it. The very nature of cutting the hair means that the ends of the hair are what is removed, and if you remove an inch to and inch-and-a-half after perming, the hair should end up the same as if you'd removed the same length beforehand. In fact, by waiting until after perming, once you see how much the hair may have shortened due to its curling up from the perming, you may rethink how much hair should be cut.
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