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Perm for Mature White Hair

Q: Straight hair just doesn't suit me. Is there a perm for mature, white hair which would give it body and so make styling easier?
A: The easiest way to give your naturally straight hair (gray or not) added body is by having a body wave service. The "body wave" is basically a permanent wave, but the hair is wrapped on large tools in order to create a large, soft wave in the hair rather than making the hair curly. A body wave will also make the hair easier to style, and will let the styles you create last longer.
The concern in performing this service is the fact that with your hair being absent pigment, the cuticle layer is often very tightly compacted on the hair shaft. This prevents the chemicals (as well as moisture) from penetrating into the hair and performing its job. Your stylist should perform a test curl prior to attempting the body wave on the whole head. The test curl will reveal how resistant the hair is and will allow the stylist to figure out more-accurate timing for processing the body wave.
Of course, the final determiner of the style you should wear is flattering your features. Specific lengths, cutting angles and layering are all factors that depend on the needs of your head and face. Women who have pure white hair and wear it in stylish (and even some classic) looks can often present an absolutely stunning appearance.
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