Root Lift Perm & Transfer Perm

Perm rods
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Q: I have short (just above the nape) hair which is layered and textured. My hair goes flat at the slightest amount of humidity. I have tried so many products from high-end $ to low-end $. I've used mousse, gels, wax, nothing helps. By the end of the day, I look like a kid just coming off the playground.
My hairstylist gave me the perfect cut for an open textured style. I just can't seem to get there with all the different products. Can you suggest a type of perm that would solve this problem to keep my hairstyle in place all day? I have a big birthday celebration coming up (age 60) and I want to look my best all night.

A: Based on your description, I think you might be most interested in talking to your salon stylist about getting a root lift perm.
This technique in the permanent wave wrapping is meant to allow for maximum volume in the hair. If the perm is performed using large rollers, you can get the added body and texture you desire (as well as the lift) without having more curl than you want.
You might also ask whether your stylist knows how to perform a transfer perm. This technique involves wrapping the hair on standard perm rods (of whatever size is desired) while the hair is processed with waving lotion. After the waving lotion is rinsed from the hair and blotted, the perm rods are carefully removed and the hair is rewrapped on magnetic (plastic barrel) rollers for the neutralization process. The end result is a full volume perm with looser more natural-looking curl.
Finally, regardless of the course you choose: whether a simple body-wave perm or one of the techniques above, you might also consider treating yourself to an extra visit on the day of your planned event. This will allow you to have the style you want and have it created in such a way as to ensure you have the longest-wearing style, possible.
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