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Q: I am an African-American man and I want to put an s-curl in my hair. The question is: should I put it in my hair before I get a haircut or after I get a haircut?
A: That's a question best answered by the stylist who will perform the s-curl service. Some stylists prefer to perform perms and other chemical services after cutting the hair to the desired length, but in some cases, having the extra initial length is a benefit when doing the chemical service, because shorter hair would be harder to work with.
Personally, when doing perms I prefer to perm the hair first if the finished cut is going to be shorter than 3 inches in length. This is because as a man I have larger hands and working with shorter hair lengths is more difficult for me. Done correctly, there is no difference in the outcome of the finished style when you do the perm first, or the haircut first. So, ask your stylist what his or her preference is and go from there.
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