Perms Q&A (6)

Hair with permed curls
There are rumors about not colouring or perming hair while you're pregnant. Is that true?
Was the Bubble Perm fashionable for footballers from 1977 to 1982?
We didn't put neutralizer on my hair after a home perm. Would it be ok to do it now?
What are the effects of chlorine on a new perm?
What could cause one's hair to be resistant to a perm when it never has been before?
What effect will prednisone have on getting a perm?
What happens if permed hair is shampooed too soon?
What is a beach wave perm and how do I get it?
What is an appropriate age for a girl to get a perm?
What is an organic perm?
What is a foil perm?
What is a root perm?
What is a spot perm and how do you wrap it?
What is done with the ends of the hair when wrapping a root perm?
What is the difference between African-American and other perms?
What is the difference between a normal perm and a piggyback perm?
What is the difference between a perm and a set?
What is the difference between a perm with the standard type of waving lotion and a foam perm?
What is the importance of removing product build up before starting the perming process?
What is the technique for a rod to roller perm?
What perm would be best for a 1950's style?
What problems can arise from perming thin hair and how can I avoid them?
What product can I put on my hair to take the bad smell of a body wave away?
What really is the visible difference between natural curls and a perm?
What should go first: perming or colouring?
What types of perms are there?
What way do rods go into your hair for a brick perm?
What would be best to add volume to my hair? A twisted spiral perm or a body wave?
What would be the effect of not washing my hair prior to a perm service?
When can I get my chemically straightened hair permed?
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