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Perm and Curlers

Q: I have naturally straight and long hair that does not take curls well. My mom put a perm in my hair when I was a teenager but she made it to where I looked like Shirley Temple. I wanted to try a perm now. However, my hair does not take curls. I can sleep in rollers all night and wake up and when I take them out of my hair, it has barely got a wave. If I tried perming my hair, will I have to sleep in curlers every night?
A: There are many modern perm solutions and techniques these days that can give you an array of waves besides looking like Curly Sue. Perms have certainly come a long way since the eighties.
Hair with curlers

Seek out a perm specialist in your area and set up a consultation to voice your desires and concerns. Bring in photos that you like and photos you don't like so you and your stylist can get on the same page.
You might consider a water perm first to see how the curl pattern comes out. My biggest concern for you is the length of your hair. You say it is "really long" which may be causing you to lose curl quickly. Long hair is heavy and gravity will pull the curls out.
Consider taking some length off to help hold a wave. Weigh out your hair wishes and see what is more important to you. Long hair? Or medium length hair that holds a curl a little bit better?
Be as open and honest with your hair stylist as possible and together you can come up with a solution.
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