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Hair Coloring Removed by Perm

Q: I got my hair permed today and the hair coloring was removed during the process. When can I recolor my hair?
A: The lightening of hair color - especially hair that is colored with hair color products - is a common side effect of perming the hair. The perm formula uses hydrogen peroxide as a neutralizer and can easily disperse some of the pigments left by other color processes. For this reason, a good stylist always plans for the hair to be permed before it is to be colored, and generally there is a one-to-two week wait between the services.
In your situation, it would be best to wait at least a week and in the interim, give yourself at least one deep conditioning treatment to ensure that the hair is in good condition and will withstand the additional chemical process to restore the color you want. Your stylist can better inform you if you have any signs of damage as to what you should do to restore your color.
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