Spiral Perm & Coloring Hair

Spiral perm
Q: I have a question. I want to get a spiral perm and color it with only thick golden blonde highlights. What should I do? Should I color first, or have my hair permed first? What order would make my hair look better? Color or perm first?
A: When you are planning to have multiple chemical services - specifically permanent waving and color services - You always want to have the color done last. And you usually need to wait a brief period of time between the services to allow your hair to "normalize" after the previous service.
The reason you want to do the color service last is because most permanent waves use hydrogen peroxide as a neutralizing agent. As you may know, hydrogen peroxide is also used as a developer in most hair color formulas as well, and the hydrogen peroxide in the permanent wave neutralizer can lighten - or otherwise alter - the color results from your color service.
By waiting to perform the color service after the permanent wave service, you ensure that you end up with the color results you intended to have.
Photo: Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock
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