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Q: Is it possible to get a perm that looks like your hair has been put in heat rollers? I really like the way my hair looks after I've put it up in rollers and then brushed it out the next morning. It has some curl, and a bit of softness, but is over all silky and smooth. Is there a type of perm that could create this effect?
A: I'm sorry to say it, but it would be really difficult to get the kind of curl you describe from a perming process alone. The long, soft curves and cascades of curl are a product of either nature, or of reshaping the physical side bonds of the hair. The reason the hot rollers work is that the heat of the rollers breaks the salt and hydrogen side bonds in the hair and allows the hair to reshape its wave pattern to conform to the hot roller. However, the hair is dry when it is rolled, and dry when it is finished setting so there is no moisture weighing down the hair and pulling out the curl.
Remington heat rollers

You might be able to talk with your salon's perm specialist about a specialty perm using non-conventional perming tools, such as larger wet-set rollers. This MIGHT give you the level of wave you want to make your hair respond the way you desire. After this, you may be able to use a blow-dryer to get the smooth wave and soft curl results you want (maybe with a round brush, or a large-barrel curling iron after the fact).
Generally speaking, though, it usually takes specific styling methods to get certain looks. I can't guarantee that this would work for you, but if you want to add a little body and volume, and you use a qualified and skilled stylist, you should get some beneficial results.
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