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Hairstyles for Women Q&A (8)

Will short hair make you look older?
Will short hair make you look skinny or fat?
Will swoop bangs look good with any face shape?
Would a bob cut be a good idea for baby fine hair?
Would a chin length bob draw more attention towards my jaw line and high cheekbones?
Would a Helix cut give my hair volume and bounce until I can get it healthy again?
Would a medium to short style suit my pear shape face and limp hair?
Would a razor bob look good on someone with a square face?
Would a shag hairstyle work well on a round shaped face?
Would a short pixie-type style be a good haircut for thick, coarse, wavy hair?
Would layers look good with my square face?
Would layers make my hair look less limp?
Would you advice layers for fine hair?
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