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Square Face and Layers

Q: I have long, thick, kind of frizzy hair. I am a brunette and have a squared face. I want to get my hair cut but not short. I would like to keep it long. Would layers be good for me or what do you recommend? Thanks.
A: It's nearly impossible to give an accurate suggestion for a hairstyle without very specific information. However, I can give you a few tips based on the information you've provided. However, I'll need to make a few assumptions.
Layered brunette hair
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I assume that when you describe your hair as "kind of frizzy" you are referring to a wave pattern that causes your hair to look somewhat bushy. Generally speaking, this kind of hair generally doesn't look good with a lot of layers, UNLESS you want to emphasize the curl (see next paragraph). You can often have the hair cut with a shallow-angled "bevel" on the ends which usually looks nice, but can result in a flared-looking style.
With a squared face, you could opt for layers and go with a long-layered cut, which would very likely increase the amount of curl by reducing the amount of weight on the hair and allowing it to curl up more, but still allow you to keep your length. What makes this a good idea for a square face is the fact that a square face needs a softer, more curvaceous style. Don't keep the hair too long though. Extra length will simply draw the viewer's eye downward and make your face look long and rectangular. Something around mid-neck length would probably be ideal.
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